Classic Ferrari Interior

Renovation of Classic Ferrari Interiors

Cabrio-Partner Holland BV located at Leersum, has become known in the past few years for it's experience, skill and interest in the authentic renovation and upholstering of Ferrari interiors. Cabrio Partners is specialized in renovating complete Ferrari interiors such as: seat covers, back seat, dashboard, panels as well as renewing cabriolet hoods and carpet sets.

Information about Ferrari upholstery

On this website we inform you in detail about interior renovation and upholstery of the various models of Ferrari. If you have any questions about the upholstery of your Ferrari please do contact us. It's our pleasure to serve you. You're more than welcome to pay a visit to our company. To do so, you better contact us and make an appointment so we can show you around in our premises.

Klassieke Ferrari interieur restauratie

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